The midlife years are prime time for women to stay fit and eat right to ensure their bones and joints stay healthy. Everyday wear and tear can eventually cause osteoarthritis. The increase in body weight that often comes with age causes more stress on the joints. Women fall short in bone mass in comparison to men. That combined with the decrease in estrogen that comes with menopause brings a higher risk for weak bones from osteoporosis. Women have a higher chance of being prone to injuries to their knee caps and their anterior cruciate ligament. In midlife, women are also at higher risk than men for overuse injuries, such as stress fractures and tendinitis.

Factors That Increase Your Likeliness To Develop Problems

• Being sedentary (not being physically active)
• Being postmenopausal
• Having a family history of osteoporosis
• Drinking large amounts of alcohol (more than one drink daily)
• Having a low body weight due to an eating disorder
• Not having menstruated for a long period of time
• Being a smoker

Here are a few measures you can take to avoid any issues with your bones and joints –

1. Stay Fit – Although working out might seem dangerous considering the dangers women face, the best defence continues to be staying fit. The best orthopedic doctors in Bangalore recommend a well crafted exercise regiment that includes aerobics, stretching and weight lifting can help avoid many injuries. Weight-bearing activities, such as walking, jogging and dancing, can also help keep your bones healthy.

2. Eat Right – After about age 25, a woman’s bone mass starts depleting instead of building, and menopause increases this loss which is why a bone-healthy diet is important. Dairy products, fish, orange juice etc are fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D. The Vitamin D helps the body absorb the Calcium which is integral for bone health.

3. Say Cheers – A recent study shows that people who are moderate drinkers have higher bone mineral density than heavy drinkers and teetotalers. The study showed that moderate amounts of alcohol seem to slow down the bone turnover rate. However, these potential bone-protective benefits don’t apply to men, or to girls in their teens and early 20s who are still building bone mass

4. Stand Straight – Slouching is not good for your joints. Standing and sitting up straight protect your joints from your neck to your knees. Good posture also helps guard your hip joints and back muscles. Posture is also important when lifting and carrying. When lifting, use the biggest muscles in your body by bending at your knees instead of bending your back.

5. Ayurveda & Yoga – Both these homegrown techniques are perfect for the upkeep of your bones and joints. Ayurveda treatments for back pain like oil massage and Basti meditated enemas are very much helpful in relieving backache and correcting abnormalities. Ayurveda treatments for joint pains are also recommended.
Yoga postures – simple back-bends, such as Locust, Cat, and Sun bird help keep the spine aligned and your bones healthy.