PCOS can quickly escalate into a dire situation, affecting women’s multiple facets of daily living and sustenance.
With the changing diet and lifestyle, PCOS has become a common problem with almost 10 million cases being reported in India. Considering this, precaution is the best remedy for treating PCOS.
As PCOS is caused due to Kapha Dosha, an all-rounded and natural diet is the best precaution against the disease.
In the following instructions, you can find the detailed dietary principles for PCOS treatment in ayurveda.

Precautionary Diet against PCOS:

1. A patient should follow a high–fiber grain rich diet. This should include specific ingredients such as brown rice, whole–wheat pasta, and whole–wheat bread. You should completely avoid foods that include maida, white rice or other refined varieties.

2.Try to consume organic dairy, fruits and vegetables. It lets you avoid traces of chemicals that create over secretion of wrong hormones.

3.As fried foods directly aggravate Kapha Dosha, you should avoid them at all costs.

4.Your diet should include fruits, fiber rich vegetables and healthy fats such as omega 3. (instead of fish, you can consume flax seeds as a source of omega 3).

5.Avoid regular intake of food with high sugar content as these leads to insulin resistance and inflammation around the ovaries.

6.As PCOS is accompanied by obesity, consume high fat, sugar and starch content foods at a minimum.

7.As women suffering from PCOS are highly vulnerable to obesity, one need to make sure to take only adequate levels of nutrition.

8. Even with their sugar content, Fruits such as cherries, plums, apricots, prunes and grapes raise only low levels of Glycogen.

9. Different kinds of seeds such as Quinoa,Flax seeds,sunflower seeds, amaranth are excellent for nourishing dhatus.

10. Spirulina is a green algae with the ability to remove impurities from the body. Taking Spirulina is said to have immediate health benefits.

An all-conclusive Ayurvedic diet for PCOS can be prescribed based on patient condition and dietary preferences. At Arth Ayurveda, our Sexual dysfunction treatment includes a diet that considers each aspect of women’s body and mind.