Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes

Among all ancient sciences, Ayurveda  provides some of the most amicable remedies for modern lifestyle diseases. Today’s lifestyle problems can be collectively attributed to the addictive properties of nicotine, sugar and alcohol. Now add the consumption of carbonated drinks and sugared products to the mix and you are facing one of the most imposing problems of our times Diabetes.

Diabetes is caused due to elevated blood sugar level in the blood. Normal increase in blood sugar is regulated by liver, which can expel excess sugar. But with increasing consumption, your livers are unable to handle load and your body adapts to a elevated sugar levels. On-course-of-time, the high sugar level affects your core body strength, affecting important parts and functions of your body.

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes 

Rather than injecting insulin into your blood stream, Ayurveda strengthens your body and liver, making it capable of expelling excess blood sugar.

You should always consult an Ayurvedic doctor  to get special medication and dosage for your case. Meanwhile, here are the basic treatments methodologies that could make an appreciable difference to your blood sugar.

Drink Bitter gourd Juice on the morning in empty Stomach: - As the first thing you drink in morning could be directly absorbed, drinking bitter gourd Juice on morning has great health benefits and also treated as best Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes .

Include Amla in your Diet:- The amla or Indian Gooseberry is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment medicine , used in great popularity. It’s best taken fresh in the morning, although could be incorporated into your diet as pickles or dishes.

Drinking Nine Glass of Water: - For a diabetic patient, drinking excess of water is a foremost cure. This enables you to expel maximum amount of sugar through urine, considerably reducing the load on your intestine and liver.

Exercise and Yoga: – With holding rare exceptions, body Fat is an essential Companion of blood sugar. It’s also body’s way of storing excess starch. Through yoga and exercise, you can progressively reduce your body fat levels, eliminating an essential storage space for excess sugar.

If you are looking to permanent diabetic relief, Ayurveda should be one of your first choice treatments.