Ayurvedic Treatment For Spine

Our daily lifestyle involving hours of sitting, puts excessive stress on our spine and back muscles. Long sitting hours requires our back to    support majority of body weight. As your back is not intended to play this role, increasing stress levels progressively leads to back pain.

As we are unaware of effects of prolonged spinal stress, we continue this practice until one day there is a sudden nagging back pain. Here Ayurveda comes to our rescue, with precise remedies that will reinvigorate back muscles and heal any tissue tears.

These basic Ayurvedic principles would maintain a strong and healthy spinal structure.

Practicing an Erect Posture

As spinal cord is structurally straight, practicing an erect body posture can positively diminish your back stress. On the other hand, if you are used to leaning on the table or sitting on chair at an uneven laid back posture, it would put excess stress on your spinal sheaths. This could put an incremental stress on your back that gradually manifests into back pain. Meanwhile, a bending body positioning immediately increases back stress,

Practice yoga and Stretching

Yoga is ingrained with various poses and movements that strengthen your back muscles. It’s also an effective form of stretching, that elongates and activates your back muscles without causing any potential injuries. As muscle flexibility is a key factor in preventing injuries, regular yoga practice prevents injuries and allows you to develop a strong posture from your back. This requires your lower back to be strong. Meanwhile, it also strengthens your abdominal muscle that relieves excess pressure from your back and spine.

Ayurvedic Massages and Therapies are Effective

Ayurveda has foreseen the unseen possibilities that could potentially affect your spinal cord and associated muscles. Ayurvedic Massages can directly heal the outer spinal sheath, leading to alleviation of primary back pains. Treatments such as Pancha karma and specially localized massages are prescribed for serious cases such as slip disc and tear of spinal sheath. There are also special herbs and medicines that address back pain.

Plan and Maintain your Diet

A healthy living is necessary for a strong back. A predominantly plant based diet regulate your body weight, while providing all essential nutrients required to develop an integral bone structure. This also avoids any excess fat accumulation along the spinal tissues.