Hair fall issue

Ayurvedic treatment for Hair Fall

In our busy life-style, head hair is one of the least maintained parts despite its importance both in looks and functions. It actively protects the sensitive skin on our skulls.  Although seemingly one only requires little attention when one has thick hair, around middle age baldness starts setting-in or one starts to lose hair on a daily basis. It’s only around this time, that one becomes aware of need to protect and nourish their existing hair to prevent foliage and also to increase its thickness.

According to traditional methods, one needs regular application and massage using coconut oil will maintain a healthy hair. But if you already suffering from thin hair, Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall could be one of your best bet at regaining your previous level of hair.

Controlling Hair Fall

Excessive hair fall is commonly due to lack of essential internal nutrients as well as external maintenance. Taking certain prescribed ayurvedic food can instantly strengthen hair at its root and also increase the thickness. These are usual methods that would control your hair fall in a systemized manner.

  • Increasing Vegetables intake – Vegetables are a rich source of Iron and Vitamins, which are important for healthy hair.


  • Drink Fruit and Vegetable Juices daily – For alleviating loss of hair, you need to take regular carrot and protein shakes containing green leafy vegetables. This supplies the essential nutrients to body, which is later diverted to hair.


  • Wash your Hair with Water: – In Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall, you are prescribed to practice washing your hair with plain water instead of cosmetic shampoos. It removes dirt and excess oil from your hair, without taking away the necessary protection or affecting natural state of your hair. This helps you maintain a healthy hair on long-term.



  • Apply Milk or Yogurt on Hair :- You can directly increase the thickness of your hair with direct massage and application of milk or yogurt. It progressively increases your hair thickness and provides a protective cover against the prospects of hair foliage. It’s also a means of delivering necessary calcium directly onto your hair.


  • Ayurvedic Medicines: – When you are suffering from a quicker hair loss rate, the above methods may not be effective on a requisite short time-scale. In these cases, you might be suffering from a lack of balance between three dosha’s. It could be due to excess Pitta dosha’s, leading to loosing hair. For this, you should take special herbs and medicines, which could rapidly balance the effects of three dosha’s in your body.



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