Knee pain can be caused by a number of issues. Ranging from mild to severe, knee pain can cause a serious hurdle in your daily activities. It can also lead to swelling and stiffness of your knee joints. In order to treat knee pain, it is crucial to first understand and identify the root cause of it.

Although knee pain has many causes, effective Ayurvedic remedies for knee pain can help in easing out the symptoms of it. Here are 6 home remedies for knee pain.


Fenugreek is one of the wonderful Ayurvedic treatment for knee arthritis as it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is especially beneficial for those who experience arthritis. In order to ease out the symptoms and pain, you can consume 1 tablespoon of finely grounded fenugreek with a glass of lukewarm water. Continue this process until you notice effective results. Alternatively, you can also soak fenugreek overnight and consume it in the morning.

Hot & Cold Compress

Hot and cold compresses can also ease knee pain and especially the spinal cord pain. Heat therapy can help in decreasing the pain as it promotes the blood flow and relaxes sore muscles. Cold therapy, on the other hand, helps in reducing the inflammation and numbs the areas which help in reducing the soreness and decreasing the pain. Repeat this procedure a few time to get relief.  

In order to apply hot & cold compress, you‘ll first require a towel. Place the hot compress on the affected area and let it sit for 3 minutes. Now, take a few ice cubes and place it on a different towel. Put this towel immediately on the affected area and keep it for at least 1 minute. Repeat this process for 15-20 minutes on a daily basis.

Kindly Note: Avoid the heat compression if the affected area is hot, red and irritated. Avoid cold compression in case of circulatory issues.


One of the most excellent and effective remedies, turmeric helps in alleviating knee pain. Due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and curcumin properties, turmeric not only eases the pain but also reduces the swelling. Mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric into a glass of warm milk with a little honey (to enhance the taste) and consume it on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can also consume turmeric capsules thrice a day. Continue it until you see results. It’s an excellent knee joint pain treatment in Ayurveda.

Kindly Note: Consult your Ayurvedic practitioner before taking turmeric capsules.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is another effective and excellent Ayurvedic remedy to reduce joint pain and swelling. It eliminates accumulated toxins from the joints and connective tissues which especially benefit those who suffer from arthritis. Because it’s rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium apple cider vinegar eases the pain swiftly.

Mix 1-3 tablespoons of ACV with a little honey in a cup of warm water and consume this solution 2-3 times a day. It is advised to consume this solution before meals. You can continue drinking it as it’s not only good for your joints and especially knee pain but also for your overall health.


One of the simplest home remedies, massage helps in easing the pain and reducing the stiffness of the knees. In order to reduce stiffness and get relief massage by using either coconut oil, garlic oil, or castor oil. Take suffice amount of oil and warm it. Allow it to cool down but not completely. Apply lukewarm oil to the affected area and gently massage in circular motions to reduce any stiffness and swelling.

Epsom Salt

Joint pain and especially knee pain is often associated with low magnesium levels. Epsom salt bath helps in absorbing magnesium through the skin which reduces inflammation and helps in detoxification. Mix 2 cups of Epsom salt in warm water and soak yourself in it for a minimum of 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure thrice a day to ease the joint and knee pain.